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Restorative Genealogy Circles (RGC):

Restorative Genealogy Circles fosters an environment that encourages White Americans to actively participate in learning about the tracings of African American family histories by creating restorative circle spaces that seek to address racial healing and connections. Participating in a restorative genealogy circle seek to build a better relationship between Whites and Blacks while at the same time supplying a space for justice, healing, and closure for the trauma and pain of slavery, that lives in the spirit of America and within the consciousness of society.

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Senior Citizens Interviews (SCI):

Storytelling has been the primary source of African awareness of family genealogy and history. Are you blessed with a family member who has reached the age of sixty? If so, RJIA seeks to interview family members who hold a wealth of knowledge and experience on the family ancestors and leave a legacy for descendants.

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Family History Document Book (FHDB):

The family document book is a great way to keep track of the family history through documents such as death certificates, obituary, family reunion programs, military records, census records, and more.

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Family Pedigree Chart (FPC):

This class is for the beginner family member who needs guidance on starting their family history tracing. Guidance on creating your family Pedigree Chart which indicates relationships between family members ancestors and descendants.

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Family Gathering Restorative Circle (FGRC):

Discovering family stories that offer healing and wisdom through families coming together and addressing challenges, as well as celebrate connections. Great for family reunions, birthdays, family challenges with the justice system, faith-based, and community needs.

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Black Family History Tracing Classes (BFHT):

African American family history information exists; however, tracking African American descendants have challenges such as name changing, phonics, inadequate record-keeping, complex writings, and record-keeping. Learning how to address such challenges provides a less complicated research process.